• Do not spam website actions such as logging in then out again, hosting then killing servers constantly, etc.
  • Do not login to another account that you do not own. If you believe their password has been leaked, please report this to the staff and they will disable the password and send a password reset email to the account owner.
  • Do not register multiple accounts.
Server Hosting
Please note that although the server started is still yours, you need to abide by a set of rules in order for everyone to enjoy TSPG.
  • If you ever rename your server with sv_hostname, the TSPG tag will remain intact.
  • You may not kick/ban random players for no reason. Each punishment must have a valid reason associated with it. If you find yourself banning a lot of players, consider asking us for help.
  • Please keep sv_cheats off. Keep it fair for everyone.
  • Please don't add bots, they can cause memory leaks. If you're alone, why not invite someone to play with you?
  • Please don't do or host anything horrendously CPU or memory intensive on your server! We all must share the node. You can see how much CPU and memory your server is using on it's info page.
Uploading Files
  • Do not attempt to bypass file or MD5 bans by renaming or uploading similar files.
  • Do not claim ownership of uploaded files that you do not personally own, nor are a part of it's development team.
  • Do not upload NSFW/NSFL content such as pornography, shock content, realistic gore, etc.
  • Do not upload any commercial WADs and IWADs
  • Do not upload any wads with exploitative scripts or essentially anything that enables a mod author or friend the ability to cheat through mod commands
  • Do not upload wads that contain content that was stolen from someone else / non credited.
  • Do not upload wads that contain large amounts of copyrighted content (ie a wad with an entire album of Alice in Chains in mp3)
  • Please refrain from uploading non-commercial IWADs, instead let the staff know about any updates or new ones you wish to be a part of the Zandronum hosting service
  • Please refrain from using multiple tabs/windows to upload more than what is necessary.
A TSPG Player will be put on ban track (Warning or 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, perma) for the following actions:
  • If TSPG Staff believes a player is pursuing another player beyond their means of avoidance (evading ignore, following from server to server).
  • Doxxing and DDoSing fall under this rule.
  • If TSPG Staff believes a player is intentionally portraying themself as another community member or falsely belonging to a clan or official group.
Vote Abuse
  • If TSPG Staff believes a player or players have no legitimate reason to be using the vote system.
  • Example: vote kicking players you don't like or for no reason, using multiple clients to stack votes, or using map votes to ruin a coop / survival game.
  • If TSPG Staff believes you are evading any ban, whether it is to one of our servers or our entire cluster, you will instead be permanently banned.
Cheating and Exploiting
  • If TSPG Staff believes a player is intentionally using client modifications, cheating programs, or glitches specifically in order to grief or otherwise gain an advantage in a multiplayer game.
As copied from #rules on the Discord server
  • No Spam
  • No Porn/NSFW images (unless a channel allows it, but that probably will not happen)
  • No Excessive Shitposting (use #dumbstuff2017)
  • No loud obnoxious music over voice chat
  • No Warez/illegal shit.
  • Highlight admins if you need help with something on TSPG. If it's an emergency, highlight admins on #announcements
  • No Politics, not even in #dumbstuff2017
  • Anything drama related, post in #dumbstuff2017 only
  • Do not use @here or @everyone if you are advertising an event you are hosting. Instead please ask staff to add your event to the subscription service in #notification-service. Check #announcements for more details.