Information we gather
When you register for an TSPG account we gather one particular bit of information. This information includes:
  • Email Addresses
  • IP address used to perform actions on this website (ie: registering account, logging in, editing account, hosting servers, etc.)
This information is visible to only Staff for TSPG and is not visible to anyone else.
When you connect to any server created using this service, your IP address will also be logged as per Zandronum's design. This information is encoded when viewing the server log files. TSPG Staff are able to decode these encoded IP address where required.
Use of information
We use this information to perform operational tasks such as password resets and if need be, to forbid people who break the rules and polices from using this service.
We will not hand this information over to any 3rd parties at all. We will however hand it over to law enforcement if it is requested of us to do so.

This policy may be changed at any time without prior notice.
By using our service, you agree to the aforementioned policy.
If you do not agree to this policy, you may terminate your usage of hosting service, as this policy applies to you, the user, using the hosting service (not as a player) while using said service.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy your games on The Sentinel's Playground.
Our moderation system:
When a player or user causes an infraction to the rules, they will be subject to this process of moderation:
  1. Warning
  2. 1 Week Ban
  3. 1 Month Ban
  4. 6 Month Ban
  5. Permanent with Appeal
  6. Permanent no Appeal
Staff may either ban a player from hosting or from both hosting and joining based on context.
Staff can also determine whether a player's case warrants an exception to this process.
TSPG Staff members:
  • Staff may moderate any server as needed
  • Staff may join private servers if there is a need to do so
  • Staff may view the logs of your server as well as rcon password (please use passwords that you do not use for other things)
  • Staff may determine if an action or behavior breaks the spirit of our policy / rules and moderate accordingly
  • Staff will not consider donor status as immunity from consequences
  • Staff will not engage in unwarranted personal attacks or harassment
  • Staff will not administrate for personal reasons
  • Staff is not a circlejerk

TSPG is an open hosting cluster. It is NOT a server hosting utility. That means TSPG's owners/admins have carte blanche when dealing with situations.
If you disagree with how a situation was handled, please bring it up with Staff on Discord. We will check logs and discuss any issues regarding behavior.